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AsbuiltEdge is a San Francisco, CA based start-up company which specializes in asbuilt data collection software development.

Method's unique ability to combine field data collection into a simplified array of tasks creates an unlimited use of the technology for estimating, asbuilt plan preparation and property management purposes.

AsbuiltEdge was established in an effort to develop software capabilities for a newly invented data collection algorithm, method and a device patents for all of which are currently pending.

Company was founded in 2006 Elena Orel and Dmitry Shkipin as part of the asbuilt technology expansion of its parent company – Prime Edge Asbuilt Services.

Elena holds MS degree in Technical Science from the the Polytechnic Institute of St. Petersburg. Her extensive project management and tech leadership experience accounts for rapid technical development company has accomplished to date. Elena's strong commitment to delivering quality applications within aggressive project timelines accounts for the work productive environment, an essential element to this start-up.

Dmitry is a member of American Institute of Architects and holds a BS degree in Construction Management from California State University, Chico. As a part of his construction management career, Dmitry has worked on various Public Works projects ranging from 3 to 20 million dollars. His career consisted of Project Management as well as Estimating positions. Dmitry’s work experience brings a valuable perspective to the potential business applications and future development of PrimeCue(tm) and EdgeCue(tm) technology.

AsbuiltEdge is currently in the process of establishing estimating and database software interface called PrimeCue(tm). PrimeCue(tm) development has been determined to be a vital part of the AsbuiltEdge technology due to its potential to cut down estimating field take-off tasks currently used by 70-80 percent. EdgeCue(tm) is a part of onsite CAD collection interface, business potential study for which is currently underway. Beta version of the PrimeCue(tm) field take-off software interface is expected to be available by June 2007.

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