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As part of the asbuilt data collection performed over the last several years, our associates had developed a new and improved method for collection data within structures.

Method is based on a set of five patent-pending algorithms and an improved laser measurement device.

In combination measurement algorithms in combination with the newly developed laser measurement device eliminated a need for additional measurements to be taken in half compared to the presently used techniques.

Measurement algorithms were developed specifically for the new device and, thus, can only be applied when one is used.

AsbuilEdge(tm) is a newly proposed method of data collection which has a variety of uses outside of asbuilt plan preparation including estimating and building facility management uses. Because predefined algorithms are used, data collection is not only collected rapidly, it is also logically organized and assigned with predefined properties. Logical data organization is considered to be one of the most valuable advantage of the AsbuiltEdge(tm) method.  It allows for an easy assignment of the measurement data to the specific building elements such as walls, floors, ceiling etc. In order to take advantage of the unique quality of the method, AsbuiltEdge(tm) is working on creating of several software interface packages to be used in various fields: Estimating Interface, CAD Interface, and Building Facility Management Interface.

Estimating software interface is called PrimeCue(tm). PrimeCue(tm) allows a rapid data collection on site for building and construction professionals. PrimeCue(tm) allows for data to be stored and processed for creation of rapid construction cost estimates on site. PrimeCue(tm) is primarily directed at users who perform a number of estimating task which rely on the existing square footage or linear footage data. Such is the most common way of estimating for specialty contractors, who through experience have price per sq foot data available for certain work elements. Beta version of the software is expected to be available before June 2007.

EdgeCue(tm) is a CAD based software package witch is designed to assist users in using measurement algorithms on site for the purpose of crating rapid CAD drawings. EdgeCue(tm) is expected to become an add-on tool which is to be installed on the base of the presently existent software packages such as PowerCAD(r) and AutoCAD(r). The primary task carried out by the EdgeCue(tm) interface is to take advantage of two most effective measurement algorithms, thus proposing an entirely new way of CAD drafting and data input in the field. Although, an unlimited array of options exists which may be added to the software, AsbuiltEdge is concentrating on the development of the core model and using existing CAD standards instead of redevelopment of the entire system. Such approach will allow users to experience the traditional CAD data input using standard measurement device as well as to take advantage of the AsbuiltEdge method of data collection.

PlanCue(tm) is a facility plan management interface designed to comply with latest ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 (1996) Standard. Technology is based on the .NET Framework and has been in place for our commercial clients for over two years.  Software interface allows to create precise measured building plan drawings for floor planning and building infrastructure drawings, and plan drawings of corporate offices and manufacturing facilities. Primary advantage of the interface is the fact that all data can be viewed and modified on-line, giving all users a consistent access to the latest data. PlanCue(tm) technology allows users to customize drawing views by color coding, generate custom reports which may include occupant data, building data, equipment data and much more. The latest addition to the technology will be the use of the AsbuiltEdge method which allows for a rapid data collection and measurement assignment to various spaces in the database. PlanCue(tm) is a solution that has been customized for every client individually in order to accommodate user's specific needs and building conditions.


Asbuilt Edge Technologies is currently testing the use of all five algorithms in practice, providing an invaluable productivity input and related data for future use.

Please feel free to contact us o find out more about the technology and its present development.

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